Stephany Scott, Founding Principal of Carestruck Healthcare Marketing and Communications

Your Fastest Route to the Future of Marketing Strategy

Well-executed healthcare marketing has never paid higher dividends than now. Whether your practice is growing or at maximum capacity, unprecedented access to healthcare information raises the stakes on protecting provider reputations and managing a cohesive online presence. At Carestruck, we're committed to flawless execution of data-driven strategies that deliver tangible results. Our clients represent all stages of practice development, from start-ups to community pillars, and with over 35 years' experience we understand this changing landscape better than most.  To see a sampling of our clients visit our business site.

Five reasons to call Carestruck now to discuss your strategy:


  • CONFIDENCE - An explosion of digital outlets requires experts you can trust
  • CLARITY - Initiatives managed by multiple vendors have become disjointed
  • TIME - Ratings and review sites are too time-consuming to monitor
  • FOCUS - You've been too busy to update your marketing strategy
  • CONTENT - The bedrock of your return on investment

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Traditional marketing no longer keeps pace with a consumer-based healthcare model. This challenge requires much more than a website and social media posts. Strategic marketing combines so many facets today, the best results require healthcare expertise in addition to technical acumen.

We tailor holistic strategies incorporating every aspect of the growth opportunity.  Our multimedia approach to execution is similar to a clinical multidisciplinary approach.  That means we collaborate with top experts in digital media, channel integration and operational efficiency to provide an integrated practice growth plan.  We never lose sight of the distinctions of marketing in the current healthcare environment.

 Here's what you'll get:Healthcare marketing matrix

  • Clear value differentiation
  • Improved patient services
  • Deeper online engagement
  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Cultivated referral networks
  • Relevant community outreach
  • Improved operational efficiency

Sustainable growth requires the latest digital tools leveraged through a cohesive integrated strategy that includes marketing, communications and operational efficiency.  In an increasingly consumer-driven healthcare environment, being relevant is a matter of continuous updating by experts who are listening to your specific market. Content alone won't drive traffic to your website and SEO is only the beginning, so we don't stop there. We help you operationalize your marketing strategy with processes that support your goals.  Visit the Carestruck business site for more details on our team and services.


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