How to Create an Ideal Domain Name, Part 2

June 30, 2016


If your organization’s name is available as a URL, use it by all means. Domain names that mirror organization names bolster your identity and help with SEO.  But, what if your organization name is not available? Then, what?  There are instances where a call to action URL carries greater impact than your company name.  Domain names that begin with ‘get’ or ‘grow’ can be powerful.

This is Part 2 of a guide to creating a domain name that will endure the growth of your organization, because it is based in your identity and purpose. You’ll maintain several domain registrations before you’ve completed your digital presence, however one main site will anchor your digital home base.  If you haven’t already read it, review Part 1, then dive back into Part 2 of this guide.

Do it right, and you’ll grow to love your domain name more over time for its simplicity and stickiness. It’ll become one of the few things you do once, and rarely have to rethink or update.

Create your domain name with these considerations

Guidelines to create a domain name with CarestruckMake it meaningful. Capture the purpose and personality of your organization. Your organization’s name is perhaps the most important message you’ll carry. If it clashes with the identity or culture of your organization, it will appear inauthentic. For example, ‘welovepets’ is a strong domain name for Pets Unlimited, and ‘everytoothcounts’ is an excellent choice for the pediatric dental practice of Dr. Carmella Barrett Perry. Work a visceral call to action or a verb into your name and capture your audience with your purpose. A name should reflect an organization’s mission. Be sure yours also represents the personality embodied in your approach.

Make it memorable.  If people forget your domain name, they can’t visit or repeat it for word of mouth. If you can’t share your domain name without writing it down, don’t pass GO, just change it. You’ll repeat your domain name too many times daily (or at least you should) to have to write it for clarity or depend on a business card. It doesn’t have to be short to be memorable, but the best URL’s are.

How does it sound when you say it?

A winning domain name is one that rings, like Task Rabbit, Blue Apron, or Home Advisor.  Catchy or rhythmic domain names will win new business. How often do you encounter new contacts who don’t have another business card.  A memorable domain name (assuming you have a knock-out website) is the most reliable answer to that shrug-your-shoulders moment.  In fact, texting your mobile responsive website URL might be a more effective networking strategy than business cards.

Make it phonetically intuitive. You’ll see advice to make up words, remove vowels or change the spelling when desired domain names unavailable, but you’ll regret it. Verbal shortcuts and plays on words don’t translate audibly.  Hopefully, your SEO strategy (assuming you have one) will remove the guess work from typing an exact URL, but why chance it? Don’t leave yourself at the mercy of search engines when you’re in front of your audience. Compose a domain name that is phonetically logical, spells the way it sounds, and avoids short cuts, like cmptrgeek, 2gether4ever, or Travel4u.

Name your benefit. People want to engage organizations that share their vision for a particular outcome or change. Making a change (or strides toward it) is the benefit of your organization. A domain name that puts that benefit center stage is going to be effective.  Wrap a domain name around your purpose and enjoy the connection of a relevant URL. Examples include ‘financialindependence,’ ‘beautypragmatic,’ or ‘memorizeyourspeech.’

There’s a lot to consider in creating a strong domain name. Often, business owners purchase domain names that sabotage their ultimate purpose. In the current market, a poorly conceived domain name can always be corrected, and usually it’s worth the trouble.  Call Carestruck for help – 708-995-1370.