4 Reasons To Be Fired UP About Health Awareness

February 12, 2016

Chances are you’ve paused for at least one health awareness initiative or another. Yet, I’m amazed how many organizations are missing these rich marketing opportunities. Colorful ribbons can be seen throughout the year on posters and lapels far beyond hospital corridors. Even on a landscape jammed with health-related ads and commercials, you’ve likely noticed a couple that aren’t selling you anything more than empathy, compassion, testing and prevention.

The power of health awareness designations

Not that you could leverage the entire calendar of over 70 awareness designations. That would dilute your message and waste resources. Special cancers alone have eighteen awareness months. However, every organization should be fired up about at least 2-3 health awareness opportunities each year. Here’s why.

Cooperative Marketing

Popular health awareness campaigns put you on a highway of corporate sponsors and local retailers doing the heavy lifting of bringing attention to health risks. During these campaigns you’re not a sole drummer beating a rhythm to gain attention. Ribbons are already doing their job subliminally and retailers are airing public service announcements. All you need is a differentiating message, a value proposition, and clear point of view to stand out in traffic.

Heart Carestruck supports Stop DiabetesHealth Month, for example, features campaigns like ‘Go Red for Women,’ an initiative supported by Macy’s and Fitbit. During October, it would be hard to miss campaigns for breast cancer awareness, a national awareness campaign organized by the American Cancer Society. Millions wear the iconic pink ribbon for races and fundraising walks, and Facebook is awash in pink.

This month, Tuesday, March 24 is Diabetes Alert Day, another one of the biggest national health awareness initiatives in the country sponsored by Walgreen’s and Kroger among several other retailers. The prevalence of Type II Diabetes and its broad ranging health ramifications make this one of the most compelling of health awareness opportunities, in which organizations can express expertise and tout their contributions.

Patient engagement

Awareness campaigns present beautiful opportunities to engage your patient base in educational discussions beyond their specific diagnoses. In general, patient testimonials are anecdotal and highly variable, but get a selection of patients offering personal stories on an awareness topic, and you’ve got the ingredients to demonstrate how much you care about the communities you serve. Patients aren’t looking for expertise alone; they’re swimming in it every time they search online. People can find expertise. What they’re looking for is experts who care.

Health activism

Speaking of caring, health awareness initiatives are opportunities to activate your audience to a call to action broader than simply making an appointment. At Carestruck, we have a host of ideas for local activities and events to spotlight healthcare expertise, raise your local profile, and stimulate word of mouth. Amplifying these events through video and social media extends the event well past its calendar date.


Health awareness initiatives are bright shining opportunities to demonstrate relevance. You’ve already profoundly impacted your patients and their families through your treatment. Health awareness designations offer opportunities to broadcast those experiences and priceless patient-to-patient chats, which occur routinely in your waiting room. Raising awareness about prevention, for example, inspires those, whose lives you’ve changed to influence others through personal experience. These are annual opportunities to promote urgency around early diagnosis, empower your patients to make a difference, and establish milestones around the organic growth of your organization.

Among a wide range of services, at Carestruck we help healthcare organizations develop clear, differentiating content around health awareness designations to support and promote their brand. Then, we manage community outreach and patient engagement activities to stimulate growth.