Make Your Brand Meaningful

May 27, 2016


Describe your brand!

Discussion on branding inspires visions of trendy symbols, memorable commercials, and the last new brand we fell in love with. So, how do you create your own?

While branding is well-tread territory for some, I often find clients sketching logos before plumbing the full value of brand development.  I’m frequently consulted for expertise in website development by stakeholders, who – pressed by the demands of growing business – haven’t identified their core values or unique market differentiation. Perhaps, because it requires taking a step back to consider why we do what we do.  Sometimes, because it’s been so long since anyone asked, we’ve forgotten how it all started.  Whatever the reason, maximizing your investment in website development and print media is worthy of more than just nice artwork.

For me, it’s taken years of experience to appreciate that our brand development program is at least as valuable as the websites, brochures, and other media we deliver. Media is frequently updated, but your brand – if you develop it purposefully – will endure the turbulent stages of business growth.  A strong brand will not only weather the lean seasons, it’s foundation has a power to keep a business from drifting out of focus and into the ditch.

Make branding meaningful

Carestruck offers professional branding developmentBrand development shouldn’t be a chore.  Fortune 500 companies invest $Billions in it. The Harvard Business Review explains why.  While it takes a little extra time and effort, we’d do you a disservice if we didn’t encourage you to step back from the tactical plan to consider who you are as an expert. Before pivoting a website around imagery that won’t reflect who you are in 6 months, let’s complete a program that crystallizes why you do what you do, the way you do it.  At Carestruck, we have tools and exercises to make the process as entertaining as it is rewarding.

Beyond symbolism and color schemes, branding is the promise you make to customers, clients and patients.  Your personality as a business owner, your management style and, by extension, the culture of your organization all evolve to become ingredients of your brand.  Brand development lends form and substance to those elements.

From development to brand strategy

Branding STRATEGY establishes how you’ll convey your brand through logos, color palette, tagline and more. These are not your brand, but the creative elements that communicate your brand to the world. Your brand is how your clients and broader audience experience your organization from their first inquiry to their final discharge.

Carestruck gets you past generic brandingThe test of an effective brand strategy is your customers’ perception of you versus competitors in your industry.  Are patients aware of your promise to them, or are you simply the solution of closest proximity.  There’s no shortcut to an effective brand strategy, but here’s what you can do if you’re disciplined enough to complete our program.

  • Modernize your visual identity to appeal to new markets
  • Update your logo to shine on digital and social platforms
  • Meet audience expectations with a color analysis and refresh
  • Anticipate the next 3-5 years of business evolution

At Carestruck, we’re always thinking about your vision and objectives over 3-5 years. Your tenure and accomplishments are worthy of that recognition. Therefore, the logo and icon we create is designed with the versatility to represent your relevance for years and anniversary milestones ahead.  After all, do we really need another caduceus?